January 2017 – London Art Fair


We’ve had an exciting and busy start to 2017 at London Art Fair! Exhibiting with our New York gallery, Muriel Guépin, we created three new Paper Noir dioramas and exhibited these alongside our favourite works from the last six years.


FAD magazine voted our work #1 and said “undoubtedly my standout work at the fair is the exquisite cinematic art of Davy & Kristin McGuire”.


We’re feeling very inspired so watch this space for new work…



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December 2016 – Ophelia at the RWA


It’s exciting to show our work locally and December is the launch of Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter at the RWA, Bristol which features Ophelia, our bottle-size adaptation of Ophelia’s Ghost.


It runs until 19th March, so check out Ophelia if you’re nearby: www.rwa.org.uk/whats-on/strange-worlds-vision-angela-carter






November 2016 – Swedish Theatre Book & Taiwan Tour


November’s been busy month in the studio and abroad!


We’ve been finishing our pop-up book commission for the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts and had a great time touring the Paper Architect and Macbeth Theatre Book to the beautiful Taichung National Theater, Taiwan.







Dates for your Diary


Norsk Luftartsmuseum, Bodø/Norway: 16th December (opening)



October 2016 – Dreams of Flight


We’ve been commissioned to make a piece for Norsk Luftfartsmuseum about the invention of flight. Here’s one of our paper models and a sneak peak at the film!






Dates for your Diary:


National Taichung Theater, Taiwan: 4th – 9th November, en.npac-ntt.org


Médiathèque d’Argelès-Gazolt, France: 17th December, argeles-gazost.com


Maison du Savoir, St Laurent de Nestes, France: 18th December, maisondusavoir.fr


Maison de la Vallée de Luz St Sauveur, France: 19th December, culture.luz.org


Bibliothèque de Cauterets, France: 20th December, cauterets.com


September 2016 – Tiny People


We’ve been working on some street art! Tiny people appearing in the nooks and niches of buildings and appropriating consumer waste. Have a look at our facebook page for some videos and read what the Daily Mail had to say about the work.







August 2016 – Dracula Pop-up Book


We are thinking about creating a digitally animated pop-up book about Dracula using black paper. Here are some experiments. For more information on the technique please watch our animated pop-up prototype about Macbeth: http://www.davyandkristinmcguire.com/macbeth.html

Next month we are off to show our work in Transylvania, perfect for further field study on this one :) See our tour dates below.


IMG_9699 IMG_9705 IMG_9716 IMG_9697


Dates for your Diary:


Hans Christian Andersen Festival, Odense/Denmark: August, 23rd – 27th http://museum.odense.dk/museer/hc-andersens-hus/kalender/the-icebook_(6048)


PulzArt Festival, Sfântu Gheorghe/Transylvania: September, 16th -17th, tbc https://www.facebook.com/pulzArt.official/ 


Theatre der Dinge, Schaubude Berlin/Germany: October 28th  schaubude-berlin.de 



July 2016 – A new CV


It took a while to compile 6 years of work into one comprehensive CV for us but we were surprised and proud to find that it takes up 8 pages!




June 2016 – Theatre Book Stockholm


We are working on a new commission for the Swedish Museum for Performing Arts in Stockholm. Here’s a picture of a pop-up castle we designed for one of the pages.




May 2016 – Projection Mapping Experiments



We have taken some time off making new work in order to experiment with some new ideas. Looks like we’ll be learning some new projection mapping techniques in order to map a dancer whilst performing…



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April 2016 – Ophelia’s Ghost


We got some lovely reviews for our installation Ophelia’s Ghost which is part of a beautiful exhibition at Compton Verney Museum.



“A show stopping homage to Millais” Financial Times


“A moving installation… a clever, original take on Millais Ophelia in Tate Britain” Mail on Sunday 


“The first contemporary work in the sequence is also the most impressive. Davy and Kristin McGuire have created a life­sized hologram of a drowning Ophelia which is uncannily realistic, complete with bubbles and swimming fish. At the technical cutting edge, it clearly references Millais’ famous Pre­-Raphaelite painting” Birmingham Mail





Ophelia’s Ghost is part of Shakespeare in Art at Compton Verney Museum until 19th June. Book your tickets here.