January 2018 – We are moving!


We are leaving our beloved Bristol, flat and studio to move onto new exciting adventures. In what feels like a swan song to Bristol Together and Sunspell came to interview and photograph us over Christmas before we are off this month.


“There is a volatility and rawness about Kristin and Davy that can make some uneasy, a sense of inner fires barely contained, as if a peculiar veil of melancholy is flying through the air to foreign lands and peoples, a veil that shows us that there are marvellous doors into darkness…”
Here is their beautiful full feature about us, our work, aspirations and plans for the future:



BW Kristin & Davy December 2017_29 BW Kristin & Davy December 2017_24 BW Kristin & Davy December 2017_37 BW Kristin & Davy December 2017_2 BW Kristin & Davy December 2017_11 BW Kristin & Davy December 2017_45



We’ll be exhibiting new work with Woolf Gallery at the London Art Fair from the 17th to the 21st of January 2018. Follow the link to find us:¬†https://www.londonartfair.co.uk/galleries/woolff-gallery/